Small Updates

Hey Everyone,

Here’s a list of updates made over the last few days:

  • The Home button now takes you alighttofollow.com, it no longer takes you to alighttofollow.org.
  • In Live Services, the House Modesto link is updated and will bring you to the correct live service section on their website.
  • Vous Church, Radiant Church, and X Church have been added to Live Services.
  • In YouVersion, the section that mentioned Together in Scripture, the link to their website has been removed, as it appears to be inactive. If you would like to learn more about them, their Instagram page is now in place of their website.
  • Alisa Childers and Foundation Worldview have been added to Media Resources.
  • Our Facebook has been added to Social section.
  • Store (A Light to Follow store) has been updated.
  • All of the archives have been updated for each Category.
  • At the bottom (footer) of our website there is now a Search option, and a Category option.

There will be smaller updates coming over the next few weeks.

Safety and Peace,