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Mike Winger

About Mike Winger

You will learn to think biblically about everything so you can deal with false teaching, know what Scripture says about specific issues, prove Christianity is true, go deep into theology and become a go to resource for biblical knowledge so you can help others. I have a passion for helping others to carefully and thoughtfully understand and apply the Bible by creating the well-researched biblical content that you have been starving for ever since you first believed. I’m Mike Winger, a pastor who has served in ministry for over 20 years in the local church and I have a heavy burden on my heart to get REAL Bible teaching and knowledge into the lives of others. I want to give you the teaching I’ve been craving for my whole Christian life. I want you to be able to hear me make the case for my views and to be able to reason it through for yourself.

Mike Winger

Visit Mike’s official site here.

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